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Originally Posted by stelvio View Post
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Glad you found your issue, but I'm about to hijack your thread because I recently installed Koni Yellows, Powerflex thrust bushings, tension control arms, new top hats and new lowering springs. The thrust control arm ball-joints are the only things I did not replace as when I took the rear lower control arm out they seemed very much fine. Car is an E91 XI.

Tie rods/steering feels tight as it should be. Everything was tightened correctly at ride height. When going over some bumps I get the THUD noise/feeling as if the shocks are blown. The Koni's are on the softest setting. I do not see any visible leaking from the shocks though. I do feel as though the front is a little too soft but if I stiffen up the shock I'm afraid the THUD will increase exponentially. All parts were new and installed recently.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to start?
I think your best bet is to do a search in this section of the forum on Koni yellows as there are millions of threads on these shocks. If you can't find any answers, then your best bet is to make a new thread in this section with a good title so people with knowledge of konis will e able to understand your problem from your thread title.