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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
100% agree that BMW marketing has done it's homework & basically created a car for every niche. IMO, they ditched the N54 motor because they realized it had way too much power potential and was taking away from M3 sales (hence why the 335is utilized the N54 when the N55 was being used in the normal 335i at the same time). Other problem with using the twin-turbo setup on the N54 is that the next F80 M3 (all this is rumors) is supposed to also be a twin-turbo setup. Excluding displacement & the DCT trans, it probably would be very difficult for a substantial performance difference to exist between two different 6-cylinder, twin-turbo'd engines.
you are factually incorrent. the m3 is going to be a tri-turbo motor. also, whats an "f80 m3?". its also not going to be an n54 engine. the n54 was dropped for the n55 because of cost, not performance. the n55 as a stock platform or ppk performs just as well as the n54, but is more fuel efficient, easier to comply with emission standards, and is cheaper to produce. it also is more responsive.

so if the motor is just as powerful stock, how is it not going to take away sales from the m3 just as the n54 did?