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To be technical...they don't make any cars with the N54 (twin turbo) anymore to my knowledge. They use the N55 which is a single, twin scroll turbo... But nonetheless I think it is all the more reason that if they don't make a V8 M(insert 3 or 4) which by all accts they're not it'll be a tri-turbo I-6. I don't know that BMW has any history with V-6 configurations. I am not a historian on the subject...But it is also myopic for people to compare the M cars directly to their non M brethren b/c the latter lack the high RPM tolerances, LSDs, etc. that make an M M car. Certainly you can add some of these things aftermarket but not many do. My point is that there are features besides the engine that set them apart (and demand a higher price point).
Completely aware that once the N55 was introduced in 2011, the only cars that still used the N54 were the 335is and the 1M (pretty sure they've switched over now and have a different boost setting to maintain that power difference). The I6 configuration gives better weight distribution, but the major concern seems to be that if BMW uses bigger turbos (to be able to power the next M3/M4 to 450hp on stock boost) that it will force them to use a V-configuration (1 turbo on each side of the block, being fed by 3 cylinders). While this is sacrilegious for a BMW to have a V6, some people were saying that when the BMW went to the V8 in the E9x (prior to that, every M3 had a straight engine configuration). Now traditionalists are upset that the M3 will be going the same route as the F10 M5 by receiving F/I. This has become unfortunately necessary that if you want legit power and to have accepted gas mileage numbers, you gotta use some forced induction.

What I'm most interested in is when the new M3/M4 comes out, how will it stand up acceleration wise?? The new 8-speed ZF auto has nearly neutralized the power difference between the 328's 4-cylinder turbo (5.9 sec 0-60) and the 335i 6-cylinder turbo (5.4 sec 0-60). Seems like the M3 will carry over the DCT trans (the M5's using it now), so hopefully the gearing will be able to put the M3/M4 in mid/low 4's for its 0-60 time.