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Finally made my mind up on colour!!!!

Phew, what a relief.

Ive had almost a month to decide what colour car and extras to order, and today ive finally decided. It is a company car, so I had to take in to account that any extras I choose I'd have to pay in cash up front and also the car would be doing over 40k miles per year spend its life in car parks

Well, after having an E46 in sapphire black for 2 years, the end result is not to go there again. I put it through a few car washes and the scratch marks are awful. My fault I know. The car does look awesome though when clean and the swirl marks are not visible.

Well, ive decided on the following.

320d Titanium Silver with Sport Stering Wheel, SP Suspension and 162 wheels. Total 1682 pennies

I was set on monaco blue, but then after seeing Nikki's pics of arctic it suddenly changed my mind on a lighter colour, but then on visiting the dealer one millionth time to check, saw a titanium silver in the sunshine and thought hmmm, yes!

So order is placed today, and cannot wait. Just wanted to thank you guys and this website for the info and help as without it the decision making process would have been much harder.

Now I can relax