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I may. Do you have any info on it?

I was a little upset at how short the story was. And I blew through the side quests relatively quick. Haven't finished all the guilds though. I have about 132 hours played.
Dragonborn looks to be a significant piece of content. Bethesda is calling it one of their “most ambitious add-ons ever,” which if taken to heart, would mean a great deal considering the enormous size of Oblivion’s Shivering Isles DLC. Dragonborn will bring a boatload of new content to Skyrim, including new spells and enchantments, weapons, armor, creatures and enemies, shouts, locations, and achievements......Leaked details from someone claiming to be a beta tester said that, so far, the player is about 30 hours into the DLC and hasn’t yet finished, though the main quest could be completed in about 10.
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looks like unicorn vomit.