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Originally Posted by Rollo` View Post
A couple of weeks ago I posted speculating on the difference between the cheaper 100ish bulbs sold by vendors on here and the 250ish Lux product.


Someone mentioned a friend had purchased these ebay bulbs and was pleased with them.

Ebay bulbs

I could not resist the price as despite the excellent Lux product and customer service I could not justify over 200 dollars for angel eye bulbs. I ordered them last week and received them in less than a week. I finally got them installed today and they look great. Very white and significantly brighter than the GP thunders.

So far no errors have been generated. They appear to be a quailty product. We shall see how they last but their construction reveals that they are a mass produced item from China that someone must be selling quite a lot of so I have high hopes for their performance. They are exactly as they appear in the pictures on ebay.

It is 35 degrees and pouring rain out so pictures will have to wait until this weekend. I'll post up pics and then follow up my review in a few months or sooner if I have problems.
i think CREE is an actual brand that many use here on the forums. Search CREE, i believe there's quite a few reviews on it