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Your car looks great! I wouldn't change the wheels, they are very nice and classy. Don't get a black grill, I think it ruins the front end on a black car (any other color I prefer a it). Get black side reflectors (piss stain delete), LUX angel eyes, M3 Lip spoiler ($50 on eBay, a steal), and much later, get an M3 side skirt and front bumper.

I'm young too and pretty embarrassed that I have such a nice car. Just don't post pictures on Instagram, twitter, Facebook or whatever social site you use of it. Not every one is blessed financially. It just makes them jealous and gives them a reason to not like you. Haters will fuck with your car too, so watch out where you park it. Also, I guarantee you every person that posted on here bashing you for getting a 335i at 16 would have taken one too if their parents truly had the money and offered it. Enjoy the car and be safe sir!