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Originally Posted by news 4 u View Post
"'Premium' is defined in terms of environmental compatibility"

WTF I feel as if we should say goodbye to "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

Also, the 3er will be gone in 12 years? Um, why?? It's you highest selling model. It has a large, loyal fan base and an even larger amount of yuppies who will buy it no matter how bad it may be since it's an inexpensive BMW. You can most definitely adapt it to fit the times.

Lastly, how do we know our cars don't have those black boxes? I sure as hell don't wouldn't want one in my car and I bet not to many others do either, considering the backlash that came out regarding the ones in the GTRs.
great post!

seriously, what in the flying fuck is BMW doing!?!?!?!?!?! what kraut has gone sour and is deciding to kill the whole brand? if you want eco, get a civic!!!! are we going to hear next that the //M program is being cut back severely, so we can make faster, uglier, bigger SUVs and cut sports cars because they are bad for the environment?!?! although the design in that rendering is very sleek, i dont get why they are killing such a good engine in favor of smaller and smaller blocks. can you please name to me what car company that you guys know of has taken their most raved about engines N52 and N54 and downgraded them instead of building upon them?! if BMW keeps this up and destroys the brand, i dont see my future in buying their cars, i will have to just man up and get porsches or italian cars for my fun vehicles and worry about something else castrated for DDs
some italian, german, and japanese ones; and on order more of the same