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Originally Posted by DavidN View Post
You must be mistaking me for someone else. I did not say that Zaino needs to be applied more frequently.

Basically, you have a choice of Klasse AIO + SG, or Zaino AIO + Z2. If you were to compare both in terms of ease of use and durability, Zaino would win.

I did not have time to detail my e36 this summer, and now have the same layer of Zaino from the summer of 2011. It STILL beads like a champ, and the car STILL looks great after a touchless car wash. And this is without any touchups (no new Z2 layers, no Z6 QD, no Z8 spray seal, and no Z7 wash).

Zaino is awesome stuff.
Ha, I don't know where I got that from then, must have been someone else.

That sounds great, that it still looks nice after a year and a half. I've heard from others that Klasse can be a little difficult to deal with, sounds like Zaino is the way to go then. Thanks for the advice!