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This is what I do twice a year. Once at the beginning of the summer season and once at the beginning of the winter season.

1. Wash car with dish soap (to remove all oils and wax) and rinse.
2. Spray IronX all over the car, everywhere and rinse. (even a few squirts in the mouth to clean the any built up plaque my dental hygienist might have missed)
3. Remove wheels, and apply rim cleaner and clean wheels. Apply degreaser to tires and scrub the oils out of them until no brown foam if formed. Rinse and put wheels back on.
4. Clay bar paint and glass surfaces.
5. Wash car with car wash shampoo.
6. Polish all painted and glass surfaces and wheels.
7. Apply wax to all painted and glass surfaces.
8. Apply Opti-seal Sealant to all paint and glass surfaces, including wheels. (this stuff is amazing, car will shine for months)

Follow with in between washes

General Washing:
1. Rinse car.
2. Wash Wheels/tires and rinse
3. Wash all top surfaces (Roof, windshield, hood, rear window, top of trunk) and rinse
4. Wash sides from top to side markers, and rinse
5. Wash front bumper and rear bumper and back of trunk, and rinse.
6. Wash sides below the side markers and rinse.
7. Apply Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax.

One bucket with rinse guard. Water gets changed twice.