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Originally Posted by e46reg View Post
surge98, I replied to your PM. Best of luck but with persistence, you can get the head replaced under SULEV warranty!
I wanted to follow up on this, since the carbon buildup issue has come up a few times in this thread. I'm happy to report that Preston BMW in Youngstown, Ohio was able to get a SULEV warranty authorization to pull the cylinder head and clean out the carbon buildup. Ohio is not a SULEV state, so I had to spend some time going over the warranty information with the service manager and he needed to make some calls to confirm coverage. While the dealership was great to deal with, BMW really dragged their feet. It took a full month for the dealership's warranty contact at BMW to tentatively agree that it should be covered. After that, I left the car for two days while they ran through a serious of troubleshooting steps that BMW sent them. They ultimately confirmed the diagnosis I got at the other dealership, that the secondary air port airflow was blocked by carbon buildup in the cylinder head. They submitted the necessary information and after two weeks, BMW finally authorized the repair. I'm dropping it off next week.

The lesson here is to not take no for an answer when you're absolutely sure the terms spelled out in the warranty are met. One dealer completely dismissed my claim of coverage, while another kept following up with their warranty group until they agreed to cover it. You would think that BMW would have a record of what they've covered in the past, and would be able to quickly look it up and verify that it was covered. For whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be the case. So not only did my dealership in Pittsburgh lose out on a $4000 warranty job, they also lost out on a sale. I'll probably replace this car with a 2 series later this year, and I'll buy it from the dealership who took the time to get this covered instead of instantly dismissing my warranty claim.