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Originally Posted by Gammicus! View Post
I've read every post on this thread. First time post and I have a few questions...

I just called Chapman BMW in Chandler, Arizona. As soon as they heard I had a 2009 they immediately went into deny mode. I persisted and eventually I spoke with someone who said they would double-check with their "warranty administrator" (or something along those lines) and get back to me. To his credit, he called me back within 5 minutes to tell me that the VCG would have only been covered for 7 years/70K miles.

I'm still looking over the SULEV_PZEV_Emissions_Coverage doc though (attached) and I'm convinced that page 4 makes it pretty clear the SULEV warranty covers 15 years/150K miles and page 20 lists the VCG. The only caveat is that my vehicle isn't currently registered in a SULEV state.

  1. Has anyone had any luck getting a dealership in Arizona to cover these items under the SULEV warranty? I'm considering the Vermont workaround that tyronelatour@latouresquir posted but I've got a feeling these dealers will fight me even if I show up with Vermont plates.
  2. Has anyone successfully used a receipt showing SULEV warranty coverage from a non-SULEV state to convince another non-SULEV state dealer to cover the fix?
  3. Does BMW NA issue a letter to assist with dealer negotiations?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Where was the car originally purchased? It has to be both purchased and registered in a SULEV state for coverage to apply. If you bought the car in Arizona you're going to be out of luck, even if you register it in Vermont.