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Originally Posted by Gammicus! View Post
The carfax shows the vehicle was originally purchased from a dealer in New Jersey - SULEV state - way back in 2009. I bought it here in Arizona though.
You can try, but they will likely deny your claim. BMWNA is only helpful in situations where coverage is obvious. In one case, I had an ignition coil go bad while out of state and took it to a dealership who knew nothing about the warranty. After several hours of trying to explain the warranty to them, I just paid out of pocket and had them reimburse me once BMWNA confirmed that it was covered.

Trying to get my cylinder head covered was a different matter entirely. The dealership where I bought the car told me it wasn't covered because the cylinder head is not on the list of SULEV parts. So I took it to another dealer, who got it approved based on the part of the warranty that says BMW will fix your car at no cost if your car fails an emissions test. A service engine light is an instant failure in most states. Your best bet is to try multiple dealerships and see if any of them say yes. But I think you might be out of luck.