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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Yeah . Mine was removed with my custom tune . Mike Benvo did a great job . I don't drive it like crazy . But at that moment I thought OK. why not...
There are moments in summer that I push it really hard .

The DCT software upgrade was a big improvement as well.Because I had the second gear lag .
My BMW/Dealer was not able to fix it , while they tried it 4 times . Mike said : Sure I can fix that and after the sofware upgrade my DCT shifted really smooth , but also a lot faster .
Honestly I would do it again in a heartbeat
Its interesting that you mention that the BMW dealership was not able to resolve the issue. I have a friend here that is a mechanic and a year or two ago, he went to get a certification to understand and work on some of the newer BMW engines. The class he went to take was run by non other than Steve Dinian. From what he was told, there is a shortage of master mechanics here in the US and the quality of the people going to get their certification leaves a lot to be desired. Its interesting to see that a similar issue is possibly affecting the European market.

All the more reason to go out and find those independent shops that know what they are doing, just like you did