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Originally Posted by 73henny View Post
No different to losing your car keys? In fact, it may only unlock the car with safe recognition or fingerprint so perhaps more secure than a key fob.
It's different. With the remote car fob key, you leave it in your pocket all the time. But you often take your phone out to use for calls, texting, using apps, surfing, games, email, etc., so there's a much greater chance to lose the phone than the key. Oftentimes I see people leave their phones on top of tables at restaurants or even use in public washrooms. At the end of the day, it's a matter of risk tolerance vs. convenience.

As for only being able to unlock your car with fingerprint recognition or face recognition, that's extra steps (i.e., (1) take the key out of pocket/purse, (2) tap your fingerprint on the home button or punch in the password... etc.) steps not needed with the key fob that stays in the pocket/purse. And then when the fingerprint recognition fails that makes it even more frustrating! These extra steps doesn't make using the phone any more convenient than an old fashion car key of the old days.