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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
So instead of keyless entry where I never touch anything besides the door handle I instead take my phone out of my pocket unlock it and then get in the car? I can't see this being better.

My BMW is older my Cadillac has a key fob. If the battery in the key fob or the car battery dies I pull the hidden key out of the fob, pull the cover off of the handle (comes off easy), then open the door. Go through process to start car if key fob is dead, if car battery is dead I jump it. Future will have me standing next to the car when my phone is lost or dead or if the car battery is dead. How do you get in this car when there is a complete electrical failure? Assuming any trip I better carry the key fob?

Surprising as it might be, I often go places without my phone, this includes the gym and my running group and possibly a stop on the way there or back. Likely hard to believe for most.
With our other cars we use this as a second option. Need to get something out of the car but don't want to get my key, luckily have my phone on me. There were times I accidentally took my wife's key, and she was able to use her phone to turn on the car and drive.

It's just another option.