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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
Trust me, I had to draw myself a diagram before I could conceptually understand, it confused the hell out of me.

The sway bar should be doing nothing when riding on a flat straight road, meaning if you reached underneath while the car is sitting with all weight on all 4 tires you should be able to undo the endlink bolt and pull off the endlink with no resistance(This is ideal). That is suppose to be how the endlink connects.

But when lowering the car the strut gets shorter meaning the standard mount point on the sway bar point moves closer to the ground. So if you connect the stock length endlink, it pulls on the sway bar when weight is put back on the car and that causes preload on the sway and effects the effective spring rate since you aren't letting the springs work as they should.
OK I understand that (I think). Please tell me why loosening the two clamps that hold the sway bar bushings (on the subframe under the radiator) and allowing the sway bar & its ends (where the links attach) to rotate up would not alleviate this. Essentially this makes the sway bar ends match back up to the stock links at the un pre-loaded spot again.