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In the bay area, the BMW and Porsche driving schools are the best, bar none. Would even give the edge to BMW instructors. For hooning/drifting Chris Harris style, can get an intro to it at the 2-day M-School, BMW CCA car control clinics, or in more advanced setting joining one of drifting clubs at local tracks. Keep in mind that other than some modest power-oversteer drifting needed to get fastest around the track, the PCA and BMWCCA will not be giving you drift lessons. But, it is a good skill to learn as those who know how to do it know the limits of adhesion and car control. Personally, I'm afraid to do it too much on the M3s, despite it being a superb drift car as differential bolts have been known to snap and drifting puts a lot of strain on the suspension and mounts. Track tires designed to go fast with a lot of grip aren't great for drifting, so keep that in mind as well (PSSs should be fine, but anything grippier is putting more unneeded strain).