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So I wanted to give you an update. I found a few oil droplets in my garage, so I took the 335i to an indy shop here in town. I had a leak in the oil cooler which was dripping on to the serpentine belt. Luckily, I caught this before the belt shredded.

So he replaced the belt, idler pulley, tensioner pulley using the ECS drive belt assembly kit. I was hoping this would clear the unusual "tick" from my engine bay. However this did not fix it...

The car is still making the ticking sound at cold start and has now started this secondary "screeching" sound which is mimicking a worn serpentine belt sound. However, I know this is not the issue.

Mechanic is unable to diagnose the sound or its origin. He thought it might be the Harmonic Dampener/Balancer, but upon further review, this does not seem to be a symptom of a failing dampener (my own thread search).

I will take a subsequent video and post a link to the current ticking & screeching sounds. Any input would be helpful. Sorry I wasn't able to resolve the issue for others experiencing the same thing