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i took mine out replaced the worm gear which was worn but not too much - I could not rotate the motor while together either as you have seen - when I took my motor out and spun it by hand it had a notch in the spin - I wonder if yours spun freely? I think my issue was with motor not worm gear, worm gear was worn a bit (85kmiles) but should still have worked in hindsight.

Anyway, I put new worm gear in and it worked for a few days, but i got the codes again - and could not calibrate again.

I then put in a new servo motor/actuator (new for around $200) and no problems since.

I would probably recommend going that route next if the gears look ok.

I never did a spin test - but you can activate the servo motor through ISTA-D - you have to remove it but leave the electrical connector on obviously - it activates it for 20 seconds, you would be able to see it spin.

BTW - I stupidly activated the motor while still installed, at least once while learning ISTA-D - NOT RECOMMENDED - probably squishes the clutch plate and could do damage I imagine.