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Need help, don't hate me for asking I'm stumped.

Alright guys please don't hate me, for asking this. I've spent the last two weeks researching and trying different methods and buying things for test and crap and I'm literally at a wall. So after scanning my car I got these codes, I've tried most of the ideas and still can't find the problem. Here's the stats. 2008 328xi coupe sport package. 92k miles

So today was my final two things to try, and all my lights are still on. But I'm willing to try more things if you guys wanna suggest more but today I changed the spark plugs, and ignitions coils, also do the differential changes for both front and back, and car still makes the noise like a jet whinding down when I brake, (oh those were done last week) I tested my transfer case actuator with the red and black prong thing and it read 1 so that means it was not a bad tcaseactuator (léase that's what the site said) here's the codes.

Dynamische Stabilitaets Kontrolle / DSC
Fault Code: 005F39
Fault Explanation: istribution transmission ECU: VG - clutch position unknown. / Distribution transmission ECU: clutch position unknown. / Distribution transmission ECU: VG Disorder - clutch position unknown --- (DSC: Transfer Case: internal) / Distribution transmission ECU: VG clutch defective - clutch position unknown

Then i also got AWD - CC - ID 370