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Originally Posted by Runt View Post
Haven't seen a mention of springs yet. Are you staying at stock ride height?

Now that I live where it snows, raising (!) my wagon has crossed my mind.
I think it will rise up more due to monotube Bilstein HD dampers (instead of twin tube Bilstein B4, even if for just a bit.

One can also use RWD front strut mount and then add some spacers to the rear strut or spring perch to add lift to the car.

You will need Camber adjustment parts like rear camber arm or front arm / strut mount, etc.

Going with 235/45/18 was a game changer for height as well. But those are my summer sets. I wouldn't go that close with winter, the snow will rub off the body liners, etc.

235/45/17 or 245/45/17 is still good for raising a tiny bit.

I'll be cleaning up the M3 rear subframe and put in polyurethane into front arm bushings this weekend.