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Replaced passenger side engine mount. Original mount is still in great shape at 60k miles. Less heat from exhaust vs 335i probably makes it last long over the miles.
Cut about 3 mm off the stud to make it go in easier.That's the excess length sticking out over the nut.

Lifting the engine up is not for the faint of heart since the top of engine cover is pressed against the wire loom and other things over the engine.

Left the driver side engine mount alone. It will NOT come out unless front differential is removed or steering shaft disconnected from column.

I think the easiest way to replace the engine mounts would be to raise the engine using engine hoist, and then tilt side to side using a floor jack and 2x4 wood piece long enough to do the job. That will give max clearance one side at a time.

Engine mounts have locating pin on bottom side, there's no way to mistake the direction they mount.
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