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The grounding strap came in today. I'm proud to say it's Made in the USA. It's good quality everything is in order. As compared to the OEM, its thinner and the bolt holes are bigger. Both where .3 ohms. The OEM had a green tint(if I use that word) not too bad. Matter of fact the OEM strap wasn't bad at all. After 10 years and 107k miles it was in good condition. After talking to my neighbor, he's sort of a technical expert, he suggested that I reuse it. I sprayed it with battery cleaner and cleaned it up. So I said, well I got a brand new ground strap what do I do with it, he said use it too. So the car is Uber grounded. FYI the starter ground wire and the ground in question don't actually touch. 'It's an engine ground. I mistakenly called it a starter ground. This strap however allows the starter to be grounded. At any rate this ground strap is an alternative.
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