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Originally Posted by BBK View Post
Well I can understand that, after all, most of the BRW rich list are business owners.

I mean, lets take a look...

A guy worth $5.89billion drives an old piece of crap worth less than my TV....

A guy worth $5.45billion owns a garbage business...

A guy worth $2billion is a truck driver...

A guy worth $1.25billion sold furniture...

And wow what do we have here, a guy that sells chickens! Worth $1.16billion! WTF?
So now you're comparing yourself to the BRW rich list My mistake Richard, i didnt realize you walked in the shadow of these big guns. And here i was thinking you were just some chicken franchisee owner from QLD!

I had no idea you were part of the Ingham Family. Boy do i look like an idiot now