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Originally Posted by n19xps View Post
This company shouldn't be a sponser on this forum.

This is my opinion on the company.
  • Theres no telephone number.
  • They don't accept PayPal
  • They don't sell on eBay anymore!

This is because they don't hold everything they sell in stock.

If they used PayPal or eBay then they would have case after case being open and plenty of negative feedback.

Why not be upfront and state a slow delivery service, or take back orders, this will give the buy a choice to buy or not to buy, but they don't they take your money and sometime don't ship the goods for 7 days even when you have paid for next day delivery.

They hide behind email templates with rubbish excuses of selling out over the weekend.

What there really doing is using your money to buy stock they can't afford to buy or stock in the first places.

There getting a really bad name for themselves, lots of threads on different forums and 1 star ratings on google plus for not sending good for weeks, not replying to emails etc... Google plus account has now been deleted.

I have ordered a 3 or 4 times and only once had a good experience after spending 350 on headlight and fog light LEDs, i even took the time to send them some photos to use on there website and social media.

I return some LEDS that i no longer needed on the 15th September 3 days after ordering and have not received a refund or any reply to emails.

I will never be using them again and I recommend that you don't either.

If you do buy anything or have a warranty issue this is what you should do.
  • Pay on a credit card
  • Always send the goods tracked or signed for service
  • Keep you proof of posting

Thank you for the feedback, please can you let me know your order number and details via PM so I can look into this?

Just to let you know, we have never sold on eBay and never intend to, as we are not in the business to market our products with cheaper alternatives in a flooded market.

You will be pleased to learn that we are getting a customer service number in the next coming few weeks which we will be advertising on forums and our website too.

During our sale events where we have had 10-20% discounts we always have stated the terms 'Whilst Stocks Last' on every single promo material as stock does literally sell out in a matter of days.

At the moment you will be pleased to know that we have at least a minimum of 4 per every item on our website in stock unless otherwise stated.

Please do send the details of your return so we can investigate.


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