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Exclamation Evacuated out of the cinema this evening..

Myself and the Miswah, were watching


and about 3/4 thru and a weird but very quiet beep kept coming on, then about 5 mins later alot of dull/muffled shouting, thought it was part of the film untill the film soudn cut out and

**Attention** came over the loud speaker. I didnt really think much of it as the film resumed... my miswah and another randon lady went to chekc it out. Every started becoming disturbed and started to get up, a young guy who worked then came in very shaky and asked us in a panicy voice to leave as there was a fire....

we were evacuated out back and we coudl smell smoke.. alot of people went to the car park and drove off just as we did, many stood outside, thinking about it we should have stayed for the rollcall..

Lack of a plan in an emergency springs to mind..

i mean the alarm was so dull you could hardly hear it in the cinema, the other screens went off ok thats where the shouting was coming from as THEY ALL evacuated whilst we still sat there waiting to be trapped and burned alive, etc

Not impressed really, but at least miswah and i got out ok

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