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Originally Posted by Steve A View Post
Day of the triffids = complete shite as realistis as peppa pig

28 Days Later = Classic film

I am Legend = typical american moral to the story were so great bullshit. ZZzzzzzzz

Carl im suprised that you werent the first car from the car park seeing as it is the MIGHTY D
Don't knock Peppa Pig steve - it's classic TV

The day of the triffids TV series was pants, but the original book is excellent.

Compared with 28 Days Later:

Both start with the lead character waking up in hospital to find that some sort of disaster has occured and the streets of London are deserted.

Both have a section where the characters flee london, take refuge with the army and then find that this was a bad plan

Both end with the characters retreating to an uninhabited area in the country side.