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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
Carlos .. don't panic about the alarm. Most large multi use buildings have a staged alarm and evacuation policy.

Ordinarily there are various alarm systems within individual business areas which are interfaced.

There is usually a 2 stage alarm process where the staff are alerted by a discrete alarm (possibly the beeping you heard) they then have a short period of time in which to investigate and if necessary evacuate.

In the case of a definite fire, where a break glass is activated or multiple detectors activate simultaneously the alarm automatically goes straight to stage 2 - full evacuation - and the fire brigade are called.

It sounds to me as if the alarm was in an adjacent part of the building, so the cinema was in 'pre alarm'.

A lot of public places have silent evacuation policies, with code words. It's a lot easier to evacuate 2000 people when there is no audible fire alarm or people running about shouting 'fire'.

If you like I'll tell you then end of I am legend. I watched it at home on Boxing Day.

If you really want I'll send you the DVD.
Please could you send me the dvd mate? and the miswah was more pissed off than i was about missing the end?! and really wants to see it.

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1) - dog dies

2) - he dies

3) the end

4) Your a

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Are you a legend?

Some people have said so.
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