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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
No incentives, just go by MSRP. I personally find a $50k+ 3 series a turn off.

Mid anything is not an interpretation, its grade school math. 1-10...1-4=low-6-10=high, 5=MID $43,xxx gets ROUNDED to $40k before it gets rounded to $50k :P

One of the things that makes E90 vs F30 prices unfair was the E90 was at the end of it's life and they through the value package at it.

I also find the early E90's for $33k a turn off. Manual seats, no folding rear seat, early cars with 16" wheels, PASS.

The real price difference between the two is nowhere near $8000. '12 was $35k, '13 is $36k and the standard feature list is FAR longer on the F30. Just the fact that I have a keyless start standard and I-drive and driving modes standard, those are thing kind of things that would have added $1000's to an E90. So unless the E90 started at $28k MSRP I am not seeing an $8k price difference.

Like I said, someone did an exact compare, equipment, price and year and found even though the F30 still had a couple things the E90 did not, the price increase was about $1000-1500 TOPS.

You would get a fully loaded Sport? Well that's $50k+ and within $1000-1200 of the M-Sport, the small upgrades are worth it in the M-Sport. Out of a $50k purchase, M-Sport is splitting hairs.

Granted, I was looking at E90's a year ago because the deals were attractive. But that doesnt diminish the F30. At the end of the F30 lifecycle deals will be there as well. This is the nature of car buying.
I am trying to compare real world pricing, not suggest price which means nothing. Do you find a loaded 3 series a turn off or just the price of one a turn off?
If some some say a house is price at mid $500K, does it have to cost exactly $550000? If you want to round it off, anything above $43333 is rounded off to mid $40K.
I do not think its unfair to compare a end of cycle E90 to a brand new F30. If you want the lastest and the greatest, you have to paid dearly and paid dearly the F30 owners did. BMW threw in a bit more than just the value package for the 2011 E90.
Like I said earlier, I option out the E90 and the F30 as close as I can, one option I could not compare was the back up camera since its not offer in the E90. The rear view camera is a $400 option on the F30, so the E90 is still $7600 ahead. Let me ask you this, what is the point of a keyless start if you need to take out your keys to unlock the doors, I can not believe you are actually happy with that.
Dont get me wrong, we are still keeping an eye on the F30. Once BMW fix the steering, the engine note and bring the price back down to earth we will test drive it again. I figure by the next LCI, BMW will have everything right on the F30.