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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Yes and No. First visit was for a seat related issue they're still working on resolving...three visits later. Then came a steering wheel issue (moan), and some rattles. And the rusty seat rail. That's QC my friend.

Intertwined with those visits was my "guinea pig" experience of being the first on the boards to order/install the M Performance Suspension "kit"...which has necessitated the revisits.

All in all, if it weren't for the seat/steering wheel/rattle issues (none of which I experienced with my Mitsu Evo VIII, Acura TSX or Acura RDX), I would've visited them twice (for the suspension upgrades).
Those are all minor problems, still not too bad for a new design. No major TSB or recalls and no wide spread problems. I would say the f30 is pretty reliable as far as a new German design is concerned. German cars will never be as relaible as Japanese cars, I accepted that a long time ago and still rather drive German car than Japanese.