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Originally Posted by smares21 View Post
You bought this from me in Feb, and contacted me the first week of April saying that you were having a problem. Sorry, I'm not interested in your sob story 60 days after purchase. If you had an issue within a week or two, I'd be here to help, but you didn't. You contacted me almost 60 days later saying that you were having an issue. This isn't Costco with a 1 year return policy. You purchased a used item that was in working condition when sold and 60 days later it isn't working. I'm sorry that its no longer working, but I am not accepting a return or a refund.
Oh, now you respond? You could have at least responded to my message. I sent you a message in MARCH, not April. It was over 2 weeks ago, while I was still covered by PayPal's dispute policy. By not responding, you essentially confirmed my doubts that you sold me a faulty product. As stated in my first message, it took awhile for the hardwire kit to come in. Escort told me to hardwire it, as sometimes the 12v outlet does not supply constant voltage, thus causing the "Service Required" message.

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