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Only options on the rock chips are:
1. Dont Drive
2. A Car bra clear or standard (dirt gets under the standard it will scratch your car)

High quality washing equipment. And NO NO NO Automatic Car washers. 100% high quality USA made cotton towels with decrotive trim and edges cut off. They have nylon which scratches. Use these for drying polishing or washing. A high quality sheepskin mit is an alternative for washing. Use 2 buckets when washing. One to rince another to soap up the mit. If you want to go microfiber towels for drying and polishing I recomment or they make some of the best microfiber towels. I would pass on the microfiber washing mits.

The best way to dry your car is not to touch it. Use a leaf blower to blow it off. Contact with just about any fabric will cause some scratches over time. Air does not scratch!!!

This only reduces the chances of marring and swirls. But my 3 year old car looks brand new.

great place to do research on all of these topics is