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My 2007 328 (RWD, sport package) steering is quite heavy. My E39 528's steering was also heavy, but not quite as heavy as my E90. The E60 and especially F10 steering is really light (too light), at least on the X-drive models. Not sure if E90 w/ X-drive is lighter too.

Heavy is normal. Heavy is good. Getting a "heavy" comment even from a 5 series driver may not be surprising. Alignment issues aren't going to change how heavy your steering feels in a parking lot setting, but it will change how heavy and centered it feels at highway speed. The weight of my E90 steering seems to feel the same no matter what speed I'm going which means they got the boost pretty good.

I also get groan at full lock on my E90. My E39 did too, but not nearly as loud. An F10 I regularly drive does not. I generally try to avoid full lock anyways, it's hard on the system.

The steering fluid is the one fluid I haven't changed since I bought this car last year. On my E39 I did a turkey baster steering fluid replacement every 1 or 2 oil changes with Redline ATF left over from other things. I keep putting off the change on my e90 because CHF-11S is so expensive and I will probably have to pull the banjo bolts from under the car since I suspect this fluid was never changed since the car was built. With the price of CHF I don't want to do it half-assed. Maybe this weekend.