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Originally Posted by Mantis64 View Post
I'll translate the email I got from my dealer:

Bij BMW Belgium zijn ze de laatste tijd enorm streng op chiptuning.
Als we een getunde bmw diesel aan ons computer hebben hangen
kunnen ze in Bornem al zien dat de wagen getund is en vervalt on
middelijk de garantie op de aandrijflijn.Onlangs nog meegemaakt.

At BMW Belgium they are very strict on chiptuning lately.
When we hook up a tuned diesel to our computer, they can see
in Bornem (guess it's the headquarters for BE) that the car is tuned,
and then the guarantee on the drivetrain is void immediately.
We've only recently experienced that.
I've asked Kempower about this, they said this is not true and only mean to square the customer.

Kempower has good reputation and work closely with BMW.

Now, it's up to you to trust Kempower or BMW. I do not trust BMW