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Originally Posted by harrycoutinho View Post
I had already taken a loaner and I had my father with me, that's why I left my car there
Didn't feel like putting my dad through that and we hadn't eaten anything, it was 2 in the afternoon. I'm not sure why I need to prove myself but whatever. The name of my SA is Russell but I think he's new and its not his fault someone took my car on a joyride. I can't remember the name of the "manager" or whoever he was, but I'll find out when I go back.
And thanks for the GMs name, I will have a calm and collected chat with him.
Because you went out of your way and made a very bold claim/and left a negative review in my thread without much in the way of support e.g. names etc and after all said and done your car is still there - which I found a bit odd, but your reasoning makes senses I guess. That doesn't mean it didn't happen, but being forthcoming with the specifics would lend itself favorably to your credibility.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate. Speak with Larry and describe for him what transpired and how you were treated when you approached the manager about it. I suspect Larry will do right by you. Let Larry know that another BMW of Rockville customer recommended you speak with him and that customer holds him in high regard.

Good luck and report back after your meeting.

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