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Originally Posted by Mrbangis View Post
the last shirt i bought (medium) runs kinda small, i should have gotten large, is there anyway i could just pick these up from you, i want to order a shirt and a hoodie, but i want to see them in person first.
Are you sure you bought a shirt from me? I see you do not have any feedback from me so I am wondering if it was from another member.

You are correct that different shirts from different manufacturers vary in size. Not sure why this is not universal across the board. For me some shirts I wear large and others extra large. Same goes with shoes. Isn’t strange how that works?

What I can say to you and everyone else is if you want to double check the sizes lay one of your shirts that fits on the floor flat and measure from arm pit to arm pit or end of sleeve to end of sleeve and top to bottom and I will do the same. This way you will have a better idea on what size to order.

As for local pickup I have no problem with that whatsoever. I normally attend a few weekly meets and you can come by my place if needed. I am located in the San Gabriel Valley.
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