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Hello all !! Some news...

I have been very quiet about the turbo upgrade since the new units were installed a couple of months ago. The reason for this is that I wanted to get a lot of testing out of the way and wanted also to refine the maps, the turbos themselves, and make sure that the final product actually works in the real world before announcing their commercial availability.

The testing isn't quite finished yet, although I've made a lot of headway and there have been a few improvements along the way.

Bottom line is this - the turbos are in, they've covered over 3500 miles now, and they are fabulous The 3500 miles has been a mixture of road testing and two days worth of track testing at Brands Hatch.

The car will be visiting the Nurburgring very soon to enable some endurance testing to be done with long durations of boost demand, and when I get back the turbos will be stripped down for examination, and thereafter a further upgrade with a modified and enlarged exhaust turbine wheel will be undertaken. This modification will retain full oil and water cooling and will be subject to further performance testing.

The fundamental performance of the upgraded turbos has now been established and it really is something staggering. Driveability is excellent, with linear power delivery right the way to 6800rpm and huge amounts of torque available low down. Throttle response is excellent, though not in the realms of a normally-aspirated engine (as one would expect). Wastegate rattle is completely eliminated as the bushes have been refined since initial installation to get the tolerances absolutely exact. Seals and bearings are in perfect order with no sign of seepage or heat-induced distortion.

Willhollin and DXB have both been in the car and experienced, as passengers, the new performance. I think they will both be along soon to express their opinions.

Final mapping of the engine is not yet complete as there is still some adjustment to fuelling required. This will be done sometime next week if all goes according to plan. There will most likely be further development of the ECU mapping when the car is in Germany.

Some dyno numbers have been obtained so far and the results are quite unbelievable - however those eye-watering figures are simply peak numbers and are unlikely to be reflective of a system suitable for long-term reliability, hence why I am not posting them. I will have dyno charts available in due course, once the final power output has been decided. The goal is overall driveability and reliability, not outright power. Although, it will be tempting to run an "insane-nutter" map for a couple of runs up the strip at the 'Pod (just to really piss Carlos off! )

All I'll say for now is that the engine has been 'turned down' from its maximum (thankfully) and it's currently producing power output considerably nearer to 500bhp than 400bhp (at the flywheel)

It's good.... really, really good...