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Originally Posted by edowen View Post
As a point of reference, for no excess with Audi, on your 08 TT, they wanted SEVENTEEN HUNDRED POUNDS....
Really lol.........ironically an aquaintance got in touch with me last week considering buying an '08 TT Tdi and was wondering how much an extended warranty would be. I made a phone call and came back with between 600-700 depending on whether a 2.0, Tdi or TTS. That would be an extended warranty as per the original 3 year standard jobby and includes European road assistance, not an insured warranty so no excesses.

If for example the tyres wear unevenly and the fault is down to a track rod end or other component that shouldn't have failed at that mileage, then the faulty part will be replaced and new tyres will be supplied and fitted.

If a fault is traced back to a faulty component or manufacturing defect, then any consumables ie. fluids will be covered and supplied.

A Porsche Turbo is only 1,250 or so full extended manufacturers warranty!

OP - Sounds about right, especially if you're not bothered about cover in Europe.

Edit: Read this in the Policy summary exclusions "an insured vehicle that has been subject to alterations, has had experimental equipment fitted or has in any way been modified from BMW’s approved specification, or an an insured vehicle used for courier or private hire services, track days, off road use, competitions or racing of any kind."

Standard stuff but do they also mean non-RFT's or would they be ok if same size as OEM?

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