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We're all enthusiasts and the vast majority of us sympathize with arguru's situation, but let's try to GUESS what's going on at the dealership and BMW given the info arguru has provided ....

- Consult attorney. Follow his/her advice, which is:
-- Don't talk to arguru publicly or privately.
-- Find out what happened but keep results private.
-- Stall. Wait for the flurry of activity to go away.

- Ask engineers to investigate incident.
- Don't say anything until the investigation is complete.
- If a flaw in the design is found:
-- ask engineering team to come up with a fix
-- thoroughly test fix
-- ask engineering team to come up with probabilities for future failures
-- estimate cost of recall to correct problem (#cars effected * cost per car)
-- determine if any previous incidents could have been caused by same problem
-- ask legal team to estimate potential liability consequences
-- ask sales & marketing to estimate consequences of hit to reputation (safety issues freak people out)
-- estimate cost of doing nothing
-- conduct management meeting(s) to decide how to handle

All of these things take lots of time.

The bottom line is that arguru's best hope of resolution is BMW. If BMW is saying: "We are investigating", that seems reasonable. It could take months.

If this was an easy problem to identify and fix, the problem would have never made it into production. It's these "low probability / high consequence" possibilities that drive engineers nuts.

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