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Originally Posted by Quisp View Post
speaking from experience, BMW is one to ignore and cover up rather than solve. Let us review a recent situation:
The fuel pump issue began in 2007 right after the firsr N54 were sold, with the first few reports to the NHTSA. That began the 29.2 and turbo lag and we didnt do anything to your car, it is acting with specifications, ok we did do something, lets put in some reman pumps, oh shit we are on tv, extend the warranty with a BS recall for the press, oh shit we are being sued, proposed settlement years.

The guys in munich may be taking it seriously but it might not be the way you think or want, more of a cover thier ass and try to smell like a rose when it is over approach than a lets solve it and do whats right thing(that comes much later).
And I have banged heads with BMWNA. It got to where they knew my name in New Jersey and Germany and they had me flagged somehow so nobody would touch my car. BMW is very good at avoidance and stonewalling and spinning.

create a website, link it to this post, find others with the same problem who are googling their issues. find a lawyer who specializes in automotive class action. let the ball roll.