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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
First off do you truly need more than 16gig? Will you be jailbreaking it and putting many apps and/or using it like a normal harddrive(well in this case flash memory)?

If not 16gig should be fine. I just sold my 8gig to get the 16gig. I still had 3gigs free even after quite a bit of songs and some videos and tons of applications.

I really dont need to upgrade considering a lot of the songs I could easiyl delete since I dont listen to them.

Most likely there will be a iTouch upgrade within a few months. But also keep in mind you can easily sell the itouch 16gig on ebay for near 400 incase a larger capacity comes out.

I sold my ipod video for $250 I bought it for $300 when it first came out and the itouch was out and everything. So people will pay even if there is something new.
Thanks for the quick response. The thing is, I currently have 12 gigs of music on my computer and that number is constantly increasing. I want to be able to have enough room to also store some pictures and some movies, too. I just don't really feel like I should be worrying about space for $400.

I'm still undecided about jailbreaking. Are the extra apps you can add really worth it? I guess I need to do more research on it. What sort of apps are available?

Thanks for the ebay tip, I never really thought about selling it when another comes out. I guess I thought it would depreciate more. Thanks for the reply!