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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
You can tune the Lotus all you want and it's still not in the same catagory as an Atom. You go on and on about weight, but the Atom weighs HALF what an Exige does. HALF!

A 135i with an SSTT outrunning a Lotus is entirely possible. Outrunning an Atom (if he knew they were racing) isn't. How good it is on the track has exactly NOTHING to do with this story. I've outran half a dozen Lotus over the years, both in my GTO and the 135i but I'm not nearly delusional enough to think I can take an Atom. Even with its light weight an Exige is BARELY faster than a stock 135i in a drag race.
Of course.

The Atom is much faster than an Exige, an Exige is much faster than a 135i.

A tuned Atom is faster than a tuned Exige and a tuned Exige is faster than a tuned 135i.

An Atom is 1,000 lbs + change, an Exige is 1960 lbs (Elise weighs less), and a 135i is 3,400 lbs and change...

Nobody with the right number of chromosomes would ever drag race an Atom, Exige or Elise. All of these cars have open differentials (although LSD is an option on the Lotii) and independent suspensions, making them non-ideal for straight line drag racing. They are geared for linear acceleration and constant torque, rather than 1/4 mile drag times.

A tuned 135i (that goes limp on a track if you drive it right) will put out, say, 400whp.

A turbocharged Elise can put down 430 whp (aftermarket turbo, obviously)

A tuned Exige with stock supercharger and an aftermarket pulley can put down about 380 whp on stock internals. Not sure if there's a point of going above 300HP on an Atom, you don't need it.

135i, above pwr/wt = 0.116
Elise, above pwr/wt = 0.239
300 HP SC Atom = 0.285
Exige, above pwr/wt = 0.194

A stock Exige S220 dynos around 209 whp, while a stock 135i dynos at around 290, tops. 0.107 for Exige, 0.085 for the 135i. Even a stock elise at 170 whp (190 crank) that weighs ~1800 lbs has a 0.094 pwr/wt.

There's no point in comparing a 1000, 2000, and 3500 lb car.

Now an Atom vs. a Caterham would be interesting...

Drag racing a BMW is also pretty dumb, get a mustang with a solid rear axle and an LSD if you want to drag race. In the 135i's defense, its pedal layout is very nice and it provides good double clutch heel toe practice for formula cars I wish the throttle response was a little closer to NA+Cable