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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post

An Exige and a 135i turn about the same 1/4 mile times. I've handed an Exige its ass several times in both the 135i and the GTO I had before it. They're just not that fast in a straight line. The Atom will turn low 11 second 1/4 miles, which is well beyond either.

If you disagree, prove otherwise.
+1, even an Exige S 260 is barely faster (13.0) in the quarter than a stock 135i (13.3, both R&T times), and it takes a good bit more to get power out of the Lotus than the BMW, the only really successful changes to the Lotus I've seen involve ditching the supercharger for a turbo, so certainly not cheap. Even best case scenario with the Exige, it's shaped like a barn (like an Atom or Caterham), so over 120, it's pretty much dusted by most cars.

My buddy used to have a pre-S Exige that got worked over by tuned WRX's, STi's and Evo's on dry track days, not to mention many other cars. I lusted after an Elise/Exige before they came to the States, but they've proven to be a letdown for me, and I continue to lust after an R350 or R500 Caterham.

I see the guy with too few vowels point, the 1er is a terrible track car when compared to an Exige, or especially an Atom, or a Cayman or a lot of other things, but for a single hot lap, it isn't much less capable than a stock Exige, even if it is all sorts of out of shape in the process. The 1er is also cheaper to begin with and cheaper to tune to get noticeable results. My buddy's Exige had Ohlins suspension, different sways, pads and tires, and it was only slightly faster than a stock Exige. There's a lot more room for sizeable improvements on the 1er, and those changes also tend to be cheaper, even though it weighs 70% more.

Oddly enough, my buddy who had the Exige, and I looked at becoming the Atom importer before Brammo got them. I still think it's an interesting car, but would still prefer a Caterham.