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Originally Posted by The Cthulhu View Post
When I see 1/4 mile, I stop reading....
Then you should have also stopped posting, because this entire thread was about something that would have been nothing more than a drag race.

No one here ever made the claim that a stock 135i was going to be faster around a road course than a Lotus, and you're completely wasting your time posting all that crap as if it has some bearing on the situation at hand.

In fact, I'd guess your entire purpose for taking this as far as you have was to attempt to impress people with the fact that you've owned a Lotus, or a bunch of numbers that mean nothing in the real world.

The fact of the matter is, if the car in question here had been a Lotus, and the OP had said he'd "killed it", it would be entirely possible. That's simply not the case with the Atom, and that was the entire point.