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Originally Posted by SryOffcr25 View Post
Hi there, Have you solved your problem yet?
I just connected my bf's droid to my car and when it asks for the pin on the phone I just make one up, usually 12345, and then when the car asks i do the same, it has worked for me this way in both my e60 and e93, one with idrive, one without.

hope it helps
No go. Even the SA at local dealer is clueless. He wants to charge me about $120.00 labor to "dig down layer after layer through the menus in the software and find the code."

The issues here is not that the code is incorrect... any code should work on this vehicle. I tried the PK anyway, even though that only applies to older models. Ths issue is that AFTER the phone and car are communicating, the BMW rejects the pairing attempt. Not an "incorrect code" error message... "pairing rejected by BMW XXXXX."