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Originally Posted by Orb View Post
If you go this far then you can covert you KW v3 into a true Coilover with good quality 60 mm Swift spring. You will be amazed how much softer your ride is with the same spring rate. The range of the dampers are 570-900 lb/in in the rear and 285-400 lb/in front. It has just as much range as TC Klien.

You can order any of the KW part from any reseller and they take about 2-3 days to get.

Camber Plates:

19000776 – KW e9x Camber plate assembly, left, Qty 1
19000777 – KW e9x Camber plate assembly, right, Qty 1

Lower camber link spring seat:

65243336 – Lower Spring Seat, Qty 2 ($6.00)


Thanks Orb! Is there a specific Swift Spring you recommend? I checked the website for swift springs and couldn't find the right application.

I have KW V3 and Quaife LSD as well. will be getting M3 rear guide rods, front tension struts and wishbones and maybe roll bars.

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