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Originally Posted by tomtom View Post
called KW. no camber plates for e92 KW V3 and those part numbers don't come up. but if i went with linear springs can use M3 plates. cost is $450 each...$900!
are they that much better than vorshlag?
KW linear springs go for $120 each (510 fronts and 800 rears). how much for swift springs?
The part numbers are directly from a KW Germany invoice. The camber plates are used on the 1, 3 and M3 cars Clubsport which are identical to v3 except for stiffer rebound valving. It is fairly common in Europe for people to upgrade to linear spring and KW camber plates. My plates coasted about the same as the TC Kline’s. I not sure what is up with you quote on springs but even that seems wrong as they don’t sell for this much. You be better of calling a KW authorized dealer or talk to Tom Edge at KW.

As for springs, you have to pick your won which is the whole purpose of 60 mm springs. The Swift spring sell for about 85.00 to 100.00 each. The helper springs are about 1/3 less.

As for Vorshlag, they are the wrong stack height so live with the junk they give you for lower cost or buy the correct parts. The KW camber plates are a much better design than the Vorshlag and the stack height is correct and they don’t make noise. One fits correctly the other doesn’t.


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