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Originally Posted by PKumarM3 View Post
whoa whoa whoa

I have used many of the Vorshlag products on my E46 M3 and they have worked beautifully.

The camber plates are ones that are used all the time w/moton suspensions. Their strut bar is a nice piece of work made by John Mason of Mason engineering. I have their motor mounts and tranny mounts on my race car as well..

The owner of Vorshlag was one of the people that started/head engineers at Koni, that eventually split into Moton/AST/Ohlins.

I would not say that they are incompetent or are "pretend engineers"

Noises are inherent with RACE components on street cars. Take a ride with me in my E46 race car and you will understand what "noises" are. Fitment is another issue and I have done research on this forum, but I guess I haven't gone through the "Vorshlag Camber Plates suck" threads.

The KW Plates should fit perfectly, but the no noise, could mean a few things as well.

Either way, thanks for your opinion, as I value all views of a story!
What can i say this is thier first try. I doubt they even measured. As you can see they missed the mark and reduced travel by 1". After being told what he problem were they took 6 months to fix half of them.

Honestly, this is almost to funny as it just doesn't happen in any other field.

Yes the bearing is lose in the cup....makes for good clicking sounds. You got to love the extra chips is comes with as well.

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