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I recently had the mObridge XM package installed. I am very happy with the functionality of the unit, and would recommend it to anyone considering adding XM radio to their car.

EAS did the install for me, and I was not happy with their work. I drove my car 120+ miles roundtrip to them to do the install, and when I drive off, the XM radio was not working. I called Jurrian at EAS and explained that there was no audio coming from the radio, and no channel choices. Jurrian consulted with Tom, and they said it was an activation issue, and to refresh the signal, as it could take up to 24 hours for it to start working. I refreshed the signal to no avail. A few days later, I drove the car back up to eas to be troubleshot, and both the XM receiver and the mObridge unit were swapped out. After this was done, the radio was still not working.

Long story a little shorter, I drove away for the second time with the XM still not working in my car. I brought the car to another location for troubleshooting, and in under two minutes, the problem was troubleshot and fixed -- EAS never connected the wire to give power to the XM receiver.

I was, and am extremely disappointed in the lack of knowledge, and customer support given by EAS (they didn't seem to much care about my problem). They did credit me for the labor of the install, which was nice, however not connecting power to the XM receiver and not knowing how to troubleshoot that is unacceptable.

I'd rate the mObridge unit and the mObridge support team a 10+. I'd highly recommend the setup for anyone interested. As far as eas is concerned, if you elect for them to do the install, I'd recommend not leaving their facility until the radio is working.

Private message if anyone would like further information.